Quality Comes First

Trust Your Skin to the Specialists

We offer the kind of medical care we would want ourselves - always by a Medical Doctor (MD), board-certified in dermatology. When you schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, that is exactly what you get. We do not delegate your care to PA's or other "providers" with far less training and experience.

Other dermatology offices don't offer this commitment. Why does this matter? The training and experience of a board-certified dermatologist are exactly what allow us to make a fast, accurate diagnosis, and provide you with cost-effective, state-of-the art treatment. Our patients deserve and expect no less.

Nebraska's Premier Dermatology Practice:

Advanced Individualized Care

Acne Extractions
Blue Light Therapy
Customized Topical Treatments
Hormonal Therapy
Preventive Medicine
Retinoids and Isotretinoin
Treatments without Antibiotics

Eczema & Rashes
Emphasis on Cause and Prevention

Allergy Testing
Full-Service Patch Testing
Hand & Foot Eczema
Occupational Dermatology

Urgent Care
Expert MD Care Without ER Fees

Cuts and Lacerations
Burns and Bruises
Rashes and Infections

All Modern Treatment Options

New Biologic Therapies
Enbrel®, Humira®, Stelara®
Ultraviolet (UV) Therapy
Full Body Treatment
Hand & Foot UV Treatment
Custom Compounded Prescriptions

Skin Cancer
State-Of-The-Art Diagnosis

Dermatoscopy of Moles
Full Body Examinations
Melanoma Screening
Mole Evaluation & Removal
Reconstructive Surgery
Skin Cancer Screening
Skin Cancer Surgery
World Class Dermatopathology

Laser Surgery
The Most Effective Modern Lasers

Veins - Pulsed Dye Laser
Wrinkles - Fractional Laser
Tattoos - Nd:YAG Laser
Birthmarks - Vascular Laser
Brown Spots - Pigment Laser

Cosmetic Dermatology
Safe, Physician-Performed Procedures

Anti-Aging Skin Care
Botox® Injections
Injectable Fillers
Fractional Laser

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Convenient Offices & Hours

Lincoln - Omaha - GI - Hastings

We bring our services to you, at times which accomodate your schedule. We realize that it is not always convenient to make an appointment during normal business hours, and that Nebraskans throughout the state deserve first-class skin care.

That's why we have four locations, and schedule appointments Monday through Saturday, over the Noon-Hour, Evenings, and Same-Day if you have an urgent skin-care issue. We're here to serve you.

Convenient Hours:

Noon-Hour Appointments
Same Day Appointments
Urgent Skin Care til 8 PM

Convenient Locations:

Lincoln Office

Plaza Mall South
1919 South 40th Street, #330

Omaha Office

Doctors Building North Tower
4242 Farnam Street, #142

Bellevue Office

Bellevue Medical Center
2510 Bellevue Medical Ctr Dr, #145

Grand Island Office

Hansen Medical Building
3016 W. Faidley Ave.

Hastings Office

Burlington Village
208 S. Burlington Ave.

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Cost-Effective Care

Straight Talk about Costs

It's a proven fact - independent dermatologists can accurately diagnose and treat skin conditions in fewer visits, at lower overall cost, than any other type of "provider", in any other setting.

- Compared to big-business owned practices which can negotiate their fees up with insurers, our fees for the same service are far lower.

- Unlike emergency rooms and urgent care centers, we don't charge facility fees.

- Unlike other providers, we are specialists - skin care is all we do - so we can provide fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment in fewer visits, at lower total cost.

- Unlike other dermatology offices, at Rustad Dermatology you won't ever see a PA instead of the MD. When you book a doctor visit, you get a doctor visit.

The Bottom Line - Rustad Dermatology offers the most cost-effective skin care available.

For your convenience, we accept most major insurance plans. And we set our fees as close as possible to what insurers accept. That means even if you're uninsured or have a high deductible, you'll pay close to insurance company rates.

Insurance Accepted:

Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Coopertunity Health
Midland's Choice
United HealthCare
Most Insurance Plans

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